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Are you a grassroots collective doing common good stuff? Citizen99 enables you to create, host and manage your online debate for free.

Debates hosted on Citizen99 run on Assembl, an open source tool which aims at facilitating the production of collective intelligence, by enabling progressive structuration and refinement of participants' ideas.


The right tool for the job

Have you tried co-building solutions for a complex problem by using a Facebook group, a wiki, a forum, or a mailing list? Pretty difficult heh? Assembl and its methodology are designed specifically for this.


We take care of the technical stuff (our servers have the necessary tools installed and configured, and we set up your online debate). You don't have to install anything. This is SaaS.

Free for common good

We are volunteers who dedicate our free time to enable citizen collectives achieve big things, by handling the technical things related to online collective intelligence.

Unleash your power!

Join a debate and start contributing to the collective building of great ideas, which could not have be invented by a single person. Or create a debate for your community!

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